How to get from A to Z
We accommodate diverse clients and projects. We know each project differs in specifics and
every agreement is customized accordingly. Yet there are many commonalities so here is a basic
outline of the steps and procedures generally applicable to most interior design undertakings.

Laying the foundation
We’ll meet for a “listening” session to learn about your needs and wants. At a second “ask & tell” session we’ll share more considered thoughts and options including site-specific considerations. We’ve learned the more specific you can be the smoother and more successful the entire process will be. Then we’ll meet to sign a contract defining all terms and Scope of Work that we’ve agreed.

Conceptual design
Our team will measure and draft the existing site, plan the space and lay out partitions, furniture, appliances and fixtures and generate a design concept. Once these are approved by you we will draft, specify and custom conceive furniture, furnishings, colors, materials, lighting and the like and prepare a preliminary budget and schedule. We’ll meet to present these to you and review them together.

Design development
Once approved by you, all these elements are developed, specified and fixed in detailed documents and custom furniture and furnishings are fully designed. Concurrently actual detailed price quotes are obtained. Construction documents are prepared and we co-ordinate

with the other consultants your project may need for fabrication and implementation. We’ll prepare a final budget and schedule for review and approval.

Construction and purchasing
Using your preferred contractors, or those we may suggest, bidding on the work takes place, contracts are awarded and signed. We will procure for you items and services you wish ordered and managed through us. If you procure these yourself we are able to supervise on your behalf should you desire.

To close
We will provide you with a care and maintenance file for all items procured through us and document savings wherever made. We’ll photograph your finished project and, in the hope you are delighted, go through a referral process.

For smaller projects
We accommodate projects with very limited scopes of work, small budgets, staging and other limitations through our sister companies: AKStudio and AKOrganization.