Alexandra Kustow, B.A., M.A.(RCA), NKBA, IIDF, NAPO
Owner & Design Principal
Alexandra Kustow LLC & subsidiaries

Middlesex University, BA, Interior Design
Royal College of Art, MA, Architectural and Environmental Design

New York
Bebe Winkler
Naomi Leff & Associates
Saks Fifth Avenue

New York & London
Walker Group

British born and educated Alexandra Kustow is the Principal of the New York-based interior architectural design and decoration firm which bears her name. Alexandra brings over 20 years of experience to the design of her clients’ projects and to teaching at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Her interest in retail design began when she worked on the visual design of her father’s stores. Ever the mentor, today she leads walks of the homes and past residents in scarcely known historical parts of Brooklyn for The Municipal Arts Society. Alexandra appreciates good writing and prefers extensive and broad-based reading to sleeping. For relaxation, when not travelling, Alexandra creates prototype patterned fabrics, greetings cards and gift wrap.

Alexandra’s core professional belief is that the spatial plan is the crucial element underpinning the most advantageous use of a client’s space and ultimate goals. In three dimensional form the design makes use of its best features such as natural light and great ceiling heights, with sensitive lighting, color and furnishing designs being essential to a winning result.

Jasmine Kustow
Alexandra Kustow LLC & subsidiaries

How can we help and be of value?

For Homeowners we design balanced and beautiful homes, pleasing to live in, well organized and easy-to-use. In the process much has to be resourced, selected, designed, priced, made, bought, ordered, organized, overseen, delivered and coordinated for the ideal result. Whether you use one service or more, we draw on our best skills and hand-picked resources to make a beautiful reality of what you only imagined.

For Retailers and Work Environments, we design stores and offices with the paramount criterion to maximize the best use of space for your purpose. The ultimate goal is to get the biggest return on investment from a designed space customers want to shop in and employees want to work in.

For Realtors we provide supportive services including speedily created feasibility layouts for spaces your client is considering. In support of your sales expertise, architectural and furniture plans demonstrate just how well the space accommodates your client’s needs.

Whether lavish or less, we enjoy projects of all kinds. Every client gets Alexandra’s personal and wholehearted input on their project, assured they will receive well-considered and authentic attention. Our aim is to do our job so well you’ll want to come back….and bring others too! For a free phone consultation with Alexandra about what our approach to your project would be, please contact us to schedule a date and time.